Some of the members of Bright Way Primary School Media Club


This is purposed to introduce children to media and empower them to speak out.
In the times of increased media access, children need to be guided on media use and how to make use of the available media platforms.Through the clubs we form in schools, children not only engage and share experiences but also put this in writing through stories and debates. This enables them get clarity on media including social media and change misconceptions and drive a child centred destiny of empowerment.

The children's world has been driven by targeted marketing diverting them from their real life experiences. A holistic child learns from realities around them giving them a great sense of innovation through art,critical thinking, story telling and club interactions that expose positive achievements or child rights violations around them.

"Its a critical time for children separate reality from utopianism."

What we do:

High Sound for Children focuses on schools and tertiary insitutions targeting young people ranging from 10-24 years. Pupils and students fear to speak out because of the intimidating world around them but the barrier can be broken through media literacy skills.
In schools, we form media clubs comprising of 50 members who after learning become peer mentors to others that has seen our membership in clubs grow up to 100 members in our pilot schools.
Notable journalists and experts are invited to give career mentorship and hope to children and young people. 
High Sound is proud of notable representations at various forums/platforms including:
  1. The Review of the African Charter on the Welfare of the Child
  2. Competitions for Young Writers in Africa organised by UNICEF Africa
  3. World Children's Day organised by UNICEF Uganda