Civil society organizations have predicted tougher times for children from families living in poverty calling for innovative safe methods of supporting such families. Child Fund international Africa recommends that Community based child protection mechanisms are activated with messages on parenting during this period to address the growing anxiety in children and caregivers as well as promoting awareness on Covid-19 preventive and protective measures. The Africa regional director of Child Fund international Victor Koyi however says messages are not enough and government should think about supporting such families. “A hungry person will not eat a message. In addition to supporting governments to create awareness on the virus, at Child Fund, we are developing an e-voucher system through which needy families will constantly receive money to buy basic commodities” Says Mr. Koyi. He says millions of children living in vulnerable communities in Africa are bound to suffer devastating socio-economic impacts of the corona virus pandemic if all stakeholders don’t act immediately. “There is dire need for concerted efforts by key stakeholders, including governments and non-state actors, to ensure that we respond efficiently and effectively to safeguard the most vulnerable children in society.” He adds. According to the 2019 State of the World’s Children Report by UNICEF, there are still millions of malnourished children in the world. Globally, at least half of all children under five suffer from hidden hunger: a lack of essential nutrients that often goes unnoticed

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